NMEA Mission Statement

The mission of the National Marine Electronics Association is to be a worldwide, self-sustaining organization committed to enhancing the technology and safety of electronics used in marine applications and the profitability of its members, by:

•  providing effective leadership to its members

•  facilitating communications between members and various constituent groups

•  encouraging members to establish quality processes

•  furthering the education of its members and various constituent groups

•  influencing the applicable legislative and regulatory processes

NMEA Vision

Adding membership value. NMEA’s greatest potential for advancement lies in adding value for its members.

NMEA Values

To facilitate and support the development and implementation of standards and uniform government regulations for the marine electronics industry applicable to recreational and regulated vessels.

To facilitate, support and provide marine electronics training, including required and recommended recurrent certified training programs.

To provide a responsive organizational structure that effectively deploys resources and voluntary leadership for maximum member benefit.

To listen and respond to members with timely and accurate information about the state of the industry, regulatory issues, and business practices that may have a direct and material impact on member’s operations.

To support the IMEA Educational Foundation.